Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Violent Laughter

It seems Violent Acres is good for something after all: Violent Laughter. She has managed to cheer me right up. I am no longer thinking about going to see a doctor for some Prozac. I am now so damned happy. I can't stop laughing after seeing Violent Acres' latest.

She's now offering financial advice.


This is so funny, given the posts that the author of Violent Acres left at Trainwrecks, when she was posting as Eep2. Here's what she wrote:

Well, I suppose if you use one of those wayback machines and pull up truthhurts.org you can find it. I’m a waaayyyy too broke to actually pay the hosting fees to put the site back up for just this.

See that? She's too broke to pay a few dollars per month in hosting fees. Ha! First she admits that she's broke, and now she wants to give financial advice and is bragging about being independantly wealthy.

Here's another gem from Eep2:

Eep2 said, on October 9th, 2006 at 1:10 pm

I love it when people who have no concept of assets and liabilities try to tell you what they’re worth. Seriously, since when are HOUSEHOLD FURNISHINGS an ASSET? I’m still waiting for them to buy a 2K dog and insist it’s an asset eventhough it costs them 100/mo to feed and maintain. Newsflash: If it COSTS you more money that it’s worth, it’s not an ASSET.

She doesn't even know what an asset is! LOL!

I'm in such a happy mood (thanks to Violent Acres) that I think I'll help the fucktard out. Here's a page from Ohio State University that talks about accounting: link.

See what it lists as an example of "fixed assets"?That's right, FURNITURE, fucktard. (Yes, that's my new favorite word.Thanks again, Violent Acres.) Also, a $2k dog would, in fact, be an asset, contrary to what Eep2 claims. And her 'Newsflash' is just more evidence she doesn't have a clue what she's talking about.

At least she's entertaining, I have to give her that. But I'm definitely not laughing with her, only at her.


Monday, November 27, 2006

Violent Liar

It seems the author of Violent Acres isn't just a fuckwit, they're a liar also.

In her entry for November 23, 2006, Violent Acres claims:

"But ultimately, I’ve decided that work is boring and unfulfilling, so I don’t do it. In fact, there are currently four adults living in my house right now and not one of us has a job that requires us to leave the house, nor do we have any bosses to answer to. Our days are spent dicking around, pursuing various hobbies and interests or taking trips when we’re bored."

But Violent Acres must have forgotten that back on November 5, 2006, she said she plans to retire early. So which is it? Does she have a job, or not? Or course we all know the answer, given how stupid Violent Acres is, and how she is trying so hard to make a few dollars by selling advertising on her website.

On November 16 Violent Acres was claiming 12,000 unique visitors per day, but anyone who checks her ad page can see she has less than a thousand.

What a pathetic liar.

A liar this pathetic deserves to be exposed. Anyone having any information, please send it in. Who is WHO of truthhurts.org? Supposedly that is the same person as Violent Acres.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Things are Getting Better

It's me - Veronica - formerly the blogger from OneWoman.squarespace.com.

Well, I've had some time to put a little distance between myself and the events of the last few days. I"m so glad my husband blocked out Trainwrecks and Violent Acres. (Yes, I did post on Trainwrecks earlier today, but my husband only unblocked it temporarily.)

I took down all the previous posts on this blog because after I read all of the things in the link from the one comment I realized that no matter how I’m insulted, I don’t want to be the cause of anyone losing their job over their blog. The comment, for whoever didn’t see it, linked to a page that had all kinds of stuff about the Trainwrecks bloggers. I don’t even know if any of it was true or accurate. It looked like an old page that was just a cache, so it doesn’t even exist any longer in the original blog that it was from.

I don't think I'll ever forgive Lorrie (the original Discussing Dooce blogger) for allowing the bitch commenters to endlessly attack me. How could someone who I thought was nice and who was my friend do that to me? She claimed to be my friend. She said she was my friend. Some friend she turned out to be.

But enough about her. I'm really hoping somebody can help me find out who Violent Acres is. I'm still ready to stand up and fight for my loved ones. The things she said cannot be allowed to stand. Somebody has to do something.

Did you see the scumbag's latest? Now she's gloating because she doesn't have a job so nobody can get her fired. I don't think anyone should be fired for what they say in their blog but this has to be stopped. what are the ads for, then? She claims to be independantly wealthy because she invested, and then she has to pollute her site with ads to make a couple of bucks. What a complete loser. She probably lives in a box under a bridge and wants a couple of dollars to buy hair spray. Or maybe she needs money for drugs to treat her latest venereal disease.

The things she is saying about people who are intellectually challenged is just plain sickening. Somebody has to stop her and protect the less fortunate members of our society. If you know who VA is please leave a comment.

I'm doing a lot better now and haven't cried all day. So things are definitely looking up.

Why do those people on Trainwrecks have to be so mean? The more they hurt you the funnier they think it is. They are such assholes.