Monday, November 27, 2006

Violent Liar

It seems the author of Violent Acres isn't just a fuckwit, they're a liar also.

In her entry for November 23, 2006, Violent Acres claims:

"But ultimately, I’ve decided that work is boring and unfulfilling, so I don’t do it. In fact, there are currently four adults living in my house right now and not one of us has a job that requires us to leave the house, nor do we have any bosses to answer to. Our days are spent dicking around, pursuing various hobbies and interests or taking trips when we’re bored."

But Violent Acres must have forgotten that back on November 5, 2006, she said she plans to retire early. So which is it? Does she have a job, or not? Or course we all know the answer, given how stupid Violent Acres is, and how she is trying so hard to make a few dollars by selling advertising on her website.

On November 16 Violent Acres was claiming 12,000 unique visitors per day, but anyone who checks her ad page can see she has less than a thousand.

What a pathetic liar.

A liar this pathetic deserves to be exposed. Anyone having any information, please send it in. Who is WHO of Supposedly that is the same person as Violent Acres.


Anonymous said...

Did you gather this information yourself? Or did you get it directly from Trainwrecks which you profess to hate, and have blocked from your computer?

Veronica said...

Yes, I did get it from Trainwrecks which I profess to hate. So what. I read those posts before my husband blocked it, so I remembered seeing them. Trainwrecks is now unblocked for research purposes. But I still hate them. They are all so mean, and for no reason.

There was another comment made that is not going to be approved because it is attacking me with much meaness. Way to waste your time, idiot.

I'll be posting soon about how much I'm currently laughing at Violent Acres.

Anonymous said...

....And today her adbrite is showing over 13,000 uniques. What's your point? That her stats are broken?

And maybe they say contradictory things because they're not the same person, after all? Are you really going to take the word of some bottom feeder on trainwrecks with an agenda?

Perhaps you should do some fact checking before you make wild accusations, Beth Campbell.

Opps, I mean Mr. Pickles.

Opps, I mean "Veronica."